Easy to install, high impact resisance and low maintenance cost give an edge over the alternatives like cement, epoxy, concrete, stones, etc. 

PVC Interlocking Floor Tiles

While hardwood and ceramic flooring might be the first things that come to mind for many people when they think about industrial or warehouse flooring, interlocking PVC floor tiles are an excellent option for these types of settings.

PVC floor tiles are perfect for industries and warehouses because they are extremely durable, can withstand heavy traffic, and are easy to install and maintain. PVC tiles are also slip-resistant and fire-resistant, making them a safe option for industrial and commercial settings. PVC floor tiles are available in a variety of colors and styles so that you can find the perfect look for your flooring.

pvc safety

What are Interlocking PVC Floor Tiles?

Tiepro floor tiles are made from high-quality PVC material. They have a locking mechanism which makes them ideal for use in a variety of settings, including both commercial and industrial spaces. The raw materials are sourced from top manufacturers and processed after several quality checks. We ensure all the tiles manufactured at our facilities are thoroughly inspected and sent out after passing all testing procedures.

Benefits of Industrial Interlocking PVC Floor Tiles

Interlocking PVC floor tiles offer many benefits over traditional flooring options. They are specifically designed for heavy-duty usage considering all the technical and aesthetic aspects like the movement of pallet trucks and forklifts.

Some of the salient features of Tiepro Interlocking PVC tiles are:

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Easy to Install: You do not require adhesive, allowing you to set it up yourself efficiently

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Designed for use in heavy industrial environments, including pallet trucks and forklifts.

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The strong locking mechanism ensures the tiles stay together firmly.

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High Mechanical resistance to wear and tear

i5 5

Fire Resistant

i6 6

Resistant to acids and other chemicals

i7 7

Premium and Pleasing Appearance

i8 8

Color Options: A variety of shades to choose from as per the customer's needs

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Low maintenance, Easy to replace even a single piece.

i10 10

Made from high-quality 100 % Virgin PVC material

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Available in various sizes for best utilization as per available space.

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What Makes PVC Interlocking Floor Tiles Ideal for Garages?

Garages are a place that are prone to heavy flooring wear and tear. It is not uncommon for garage floor tiles to be vulnerable of damages and frequent slip accidents. Thus, most of the garage owners prefer minimum cost cement flooring that can be repaired easily and gives sober grip. But that is a compromise to the actual flooring requirements of such settings. There should be some specific characteristics of garage flooring like:

  • Strength to bear the weight
  • Grip to avoid Slip accidents
  • Easy to Repair/Replace
  • Cost Effective
  • Hassle-Free Maintenance
  • Sturdy
  • Chemical and Fire Resistant

PVC Interlocking floor tiles are an exact fit to the varied requirements for a garage space. Some of the unique qualities of PVC garage floor tiles includes:

  • Beautiful aesthetics
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Great Tensile Strength
  • Unmatchable Hardness
  • Unique Surface Finish
  • High Fire and Chemical Resistance

Unique Solutions to Garage Flooring Needs

Garage usually witness oil spillages and heavy weight on its flooring. The regular floorings like tiles and other options would run into problems every now and then. Garage owners need to wash these floorings regularly and also need them to provide apt surface grip. Use of chemicals and other harsh liquids is also not uncommon at garages. Thus, a garage space is mostly left without flooring or at the most a simple cement flooring without any covering material.

It may seem a good idea at first but, this in itself would invite other problems. Like frequent floor damage and a non-professional appearance to the place. Instead, PVC garage floor tiles are potent enough to address all the problems of garage flooring and would help one to get an aesthetically appealing decor.

Technical Strength Parameters

ci 46 12


The maximum load that tiles support without fracture when being stretched.

gravity 1 13


Specific gravity is defined as the ratio of the density of a substance to the density of a reference substance, such as water. Higher the specific gravity, higher is the density of the material.

This makes the tiles suitable for different applications. Some applications need tiles with higher Sp gravity, thus higher weight making them ideal for heavy-duty applications.



The hardness of any material is its ability to resist deformation. This range is determined considering static load, dynamic load, temperature, movement, etc.

Hardness is determined considering the application area and parameters like footfall and vehicle movement.

Limited Oxygen Index:

The limiting oxygen index (LOI) is the minimum concentration of oxygen, expressed as a percentage, that will support the combustion of a polymer. The purpose is to decide if the object is good enough to resist the flames. 

  • Test Method: ASTM D2863
  • LOI for Interlocking Floor Tiles: 32%

A Higher LOI of a polymer means it has better flame-retardant properties. Tiepro tiles have excellent fire-retardant properties.

Aesthetically Appealing And Sturdy Use:

PVC interlocking industrial floor tiles are an ideal mixture of beauty with toughness. Tiepro tiles are available in glossy and matte finishes, making any space look more polished, professional, and durable.
PVC Tile hardness

Multiple Color Options:

color tile 15

Color can be a significant factor in consumer choice. It allows consumers to choose the color they like best, or that goes best with their style. Considering this, we offer multiple shades

to choose from and can be blended as per the customer’s requirement.

  • Wide Range of Color Options
  • Easily Blends in various Décor

Surface Finish:

  • Anti-Slip Surface 
  • Surface Finish gives a Unique Appearance to Tiles
anti slip icon 150x150 1 16
non slip 1 150x150 1 17

EN45545-2:2020 COMPLIANCE


Tested specirten meet the requirements of R10HL1 category of EN 45545-2:2020.
ParameterTest MethodRequirements as per R10 HL1 Category of EN 45545-2:2020Observed ResultConformity(Confirm/Do not confirm)
CHF (kW/m2)T04
(EN ISO 9239-1)
Mininum 4.5>11Confirm
Ds MaxT10.03
(EN ISO 5659-2: 25kw/m2)
Mininum 600476.5Confirm
CITgT11.02(EN 17084 Method 1:25 kw/m2)Mininum 1.20.42Confirm

Railway manufacturing standard EN45545-2 was developed to improve rail vehicle security. All materials used in the production of rail vehicles must comply with EN45545-2, to achieve the highest level of safety possible in the event of a fire. Tiepro interlocking floor tiles comply with R10 HL1 of EN 45545-2:2020.

Rohs/reach Compliance

Tiles are LEAD-FREE and ROHS Compliant
sr. No.Test NameUnitResultSpecificationMethod of Test
DescriptionNABlack Coloured, Small Piece RubberBlack Coloured, Small Piece RubberAs Per ln House
Lead [Pb](By/ICPMS)Ppm0.007NMTSAs Per ln House
test result 18

Load Bearing Capacity

Tiepro Tiles are designed for heavy loads and high-traffic areas. Tests were conducted to check the load it withstands at 10% deformation and 30% deformation.

  • Test Method: ASTM D 695-1
  • Test Property: Compressive Load Test
  • Test Specimen Size: 100mm x 100mm (Our standard tile size is 420mm x 420mm)
  • Test Result at 30% Compression (Elastic Deformation): 1555 kg
  • Test Result at 10% Compression (Elastic Deformation): 310 Kg

The decision rule applied for statemen of conformity, for borderline result, considering the uncertainty of measurment is: NOT APPLICABLE. Opinion & interpretation for this report: NOT APPLICABLE

Pvc Interlocking Floor Tiles : Applications

factory 19


warehouse 20


garage 21


office building 22


park 23


gym 24


hospital 25


5 stars 26


school 27


Customized Size and Color Options

Although there are various sizes and color options available from our catalog to choose from. 

But, we also provide a unique option to all our esteemed clients. 

You can order customized size and color options for Interlocking PVC Floor Tiles.

We believe PVC floor tiles are meant to give our clients optimum aesthetic value without compromising on quality. 

Thus, we have decided to push our services a notch and enable clients to make changes in color and size as per their choice.

  • Order your Choice of Size for Tiles
  • Color option of your choice
pvc 28